MHL 450 -9.9 CHCL 441 1 RSDC 681.4 -8.6 NTC 832.9 -3.1 NRN 640 -54 NSIF2 10 0.02 HIDCLP 99.1 -0.2 SBD87 971.2 -19.8 SDBD87 981.2 0.2 SLBSL 1210 12 MEL 230.6 2.6 SCB 562 -5 NMLBBL 709 -10 OHL 779 3.1 RMF1 8.2 0.24 DOLTI 424.5 -7.5 MFLD85 1003.5 -2 PFL 599 7 UNL 44500 -500 NICA 415.1 -2.9 UMHL 246 -3.8 NYADI 307 -1 SWMF 913.1 -10.9 NBF3 7.55 0 BNT 12826 2 RNLI 431.6 -2.4 BPCL 293 -3.9 KDL 1204 4 NBL 215 -1 NLICL 551 -10.9 JSLBB 1400 -30 MKJC 500.5 -12.5 SAEF 10.3 0.2 GFCL 525.7 42.7 NIMBD90 1045 0 BHDC 578.2 -11.7 BEDC 416 5.1 ULBSL 1911 -54 NHDL 536 -1.2 RHPL 279 1.2
Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower Company to issue IPO from Magh 15

The Dolakha District residents who would be impacted by the project as well as Nepalese nationals who are employed overseas have received an offer letter from Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower Company Limited to participate in an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

The initial public offering (IPO) for locals and Nepalese nationals working abroad will begin on March 15 and end on March 29 of 2079. It should be noted that for Dolakha District residents, the problem may be prolonged until the 15th Falgun if the early closure date is not met. The issue, nevertheless, won’t be continued through the early closure date for Nepalese nationals who are employed overseas.

10%, or 7,60,000 unit shares worth Rs. 7.6 crores, of the company’s Rs. 76 crores in issued capital have been given to Dolakha District residents who will be impacted by the project. A later date will see the issuance of 15,20,000 unit shares, or 20% of the company’s issued capital, for the general public. 10% of the shares, or 152,000 units, of this public offering have been set aside for Nepalese nationals working overseas. The issuance will begin on the date specified above.

How much to apply?

The lowest application quantity for the project’s localities is 10 units, while the maximum application quantity is 10,000 units. The minimum and maximum application quantities for Nepalese nationals working abroad are 10 and 50,000, respectively.

About Issue Manager

The issue manager has been named as Prabhu Capital Limited. After this IPO, the promoter-public share ratio will be 70:30.


Rating agency Icra Nepal has given ‘Icra NP IR Triple B Minus’ rating to the company’s IPO. This rating indicates that the company is moderately secure in meeting its financial obligations on time.

About Company : 

Under the Government of Nepal Company Act 2053 on B.S. 2065, Makar Jitymaya Suri Hydropower Limited was created and registered with the Department of Industries. Under the Company Act 2053 on B.S. 2075, the company became a public limited company.

Suri Khola Hydropower Project 6.4 MW and Upper Suri Khola Hydropower Project 7 MW, which are hydropower projects identified in the Suri River at Gaurishankar Rural Municipality-05, Suri, Dolakha, have been proposed by Makar Jitymaya Suri Hydropower Limited. The company’s operations are conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy (MoE), Nepal’s Department of Electricity Development (DoED), and the neighborhood. It has intended to boost hydropower development quickly in order to benefit the national economy.

Company Makar Jitumaya Suri Hydropower Ltd.
Type Public Limited Company
Address United World Trade Center, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
Establishment 2065/08/17 B.S.
Telephone number +977-1-4117008
Email [email protected]
PAN no 303353313
Registration no.  at   Office of Company Registrar 123684/070/071
Department of Industry Registration No 5009/2075/076
Project under development Upper Suri Khola Hydropower Project – 7MW
Survey license no. Bi.Bi.Bi.071/72 Bi.U.Sa.698
Generation license no Bi.Bi.Bi.0776/77  Bi.U 268
Project Location 27° 43′ 00″ to 27° 45′ 00″ North,
86° 15′ 00″ to 86° 17′ 30″ East


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